A very large Dog Bone Turbine to Condenser Expansion Joint 5940 x 7778, six Lateral Tied MWL Type DN 3300 and six Hinged DN 3000 have been successfully manufactured for Cairo Electricity Production Company (CEPC) for the “6th October II” 600 MW Power Plant in Egypt.

The Dog Bone Type Expansion Joint is used as flexible connection between Turbines and Condensers. This turbine exhaust expansion joint is used as a flexible connection in power plants and it is the most widely used turbine to condenser expansion joint in use.

6th October II is a 4 x 147 MW GT based power plant, it’s an extension of new 4 units to the previous 6th October base plant. one 600 MW Simple Cycle Power Project located inside the High Voltage Lab fence which is at 25 km far from Cairo - Alexandria desert road.

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