MACOGA FFCU On-Site team has successfully completed the site inspection of an FCCU In-Line Pressure Balanced Expansion Joint at the Flexicracking Unit Reactor.

The inspection included in-depth analysis and visual review of the Expansion Joint in cold conditions. Our staff collected any monitored data and operating schedules available from the facility to aid in the analysis.

MACOGA specialists have carried out a 2 ply testable check to confirm that both the inner and outer plies are operating properly, dye penetrant test to all accessible welds, visual and dimensional control, internal visual inspection of sealing system and refractory material, etc.

Why FCCU Expansion Joints On-Site Inspection?

Whether your operations follow predictive maintenance or corrective maintenance procedures, detecting early signs of Expansion Joint fatigue or failure can save you on costly repairs and extend your asset lifecycle for optimal refining operations.

The life of the expansion joints varies with the design, storage conditions, installation practices, application, and service. Appropriately timed inspections, repairs, and/or replacement of critical joints will ensure the reliable operation of the associated equipment and of the whole refinery.

Premature or unexpected failure of the expansion joints and emergencies can be avoided carrying on-site scheduled inspections. On-site Inspections will provide valuable information about the conditions of the Expansion Joints and will allow the refinery to take appropriate actions in due time.

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