We have built some of the largest Expansion Joints in the world for clients who demand highly engineered solutions.

We are experts in designing and manufacturing large size expansion joints and a Universal Tied Expansion Joints of 8500 mm diameter, 5 meters long and with a weight of 48 tons is certainly one of the largest expansion joints ever built.

This Expansion Joint will connect the Steam Turbine to the Condenser of the Tees Renewable Energy Plant (Tees REP). Tees REP is a 299MW biomass-powered, combined heat and power (CHP) plant located in Teesside, United Kingdom.

Tees REP will be one the world’s largest biomass power stations, providing electricity for 600,000 homes by burning wood chips and pellets imported mainly from the US.

This project is completed with the design, manufacturing, testing and shipping of a 5 units Universal Tied Expansion Joints and 5 Hinged Expansion Joints DN 3800.

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