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A world leading manufacturer of Expansion Joints

We are leading global manufacturer of high-tech Expansion Joints providing solutions for every industrial application since the 1970s.

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90 Global

MACOGA is bringing solutions to our customers in more than 90 countries throughout the world and has been synonymous with international focus and worldwide presence for many years.

Today, MACOGA has businesses and customers in nearly every corner of the globe. Day in and day out, members of our team interact with people from an extremely diverse range of backgrounds and countries.

Premium Emergency Service

During an emergency situation (plant shut-down, parts failure, etc.) you can’t afford to wait in line for a standard delivery to get your Expansion Joints. This Premium tool is the most reliable and efficient solution for those customers who require Expansion Joints in a record time.

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Our expansion joints are present in more than 90 countries across all continents performing demanding tasks and we build this global experience into every expansion joint and support service that bears our name. We listen and learn about the challenges our customers face and strive to help meet them.

MACOGA is always ready to provide support exceeding customer expectations.

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MACOGA Expansion Joints Manufacturer
MACOGA Expansion Joints Manufacturer
MACOGA Expansion Joints Manufacturer
MACOGA Expansion Joints Manufacturer

On-site services

Expert assistance when and where you need it

MACOGA Site Staff of expert technicians provide needs-based and solution-oriented services for any specific need of each plant or customer. Our service group consists of highly-qualified technicians and engineers specialized in Expansion Joints.

We have extensive training experience in a wide variety of industries including power generation, chemical/petrochemical, refineries, nuclear, pulp and paper, steel, water, wastewater, etc.

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