About us

In 1960 Manuel Concheiro and his sons Mario and Carlos founded a small company dealing with technical products for serving the Spanish industry. This space housed some of the company’s first breakthrough expertise and big ideas that would later came into the present production of Expansion Joints.

Early in the 70’s the first Expansion Joints were designed, manufactured and shipped from MACOGA.

Throughout its more than 40-year history, MACOGA has been a leader in developing technologies and in converting those technologies for use in commercial markets. From its early days as an industrial distributor MACOGA has successfully built upon its pioneering tradition to become a global leader.

During the course of our history, we have developed many innovative technologies and design and manufacturing of Expansion Joints became our area of expertise.

From bellows for jet engines to huge size units for the power generation sector, high tech expansions for oil and gas projects to the simplest units for heating and ventilating MACOGA people are dedicated to turning ideas into leading products and services.

Today MACOGA is a worldwide leading manufacturer of Expansion Joints as well as comprehensive specific solutions. MACOGA designs, manufactures and supplies and state-of-the-art Expansion Joints.


MACOGA operates the most advanced production facilities and equipment specifically designed for manufacturing expansion joints.

From raw material to final product, we own all processes involved in the production of every expansion joint that departs our premises.

16.000 m² (172,000 sq. feet) of production plant.
1.500 m² (16,145 sq. feet) headquarters building of offices.

We have excellent in-house facilities and machinery which empower our team to deliver high quality expansion joints.

Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Ensuring the health, safety and security of our employees, and protecting the environment are fundamental priorities for MACOGA.

We uphold these values in the same way that we ensure the quality of our work: by implementing rigorous controls through every phase of our production processes.

Our people receive training on how to perform their jobs safely, properly and in compliance with environmental regulations. Safety is the responsibility of every employee at MACOGA, and “zero incidents” is our foremost goal.

Environmental protection

Environmental protection

Environmental protection is part of our corporate citizenship.
Protecting the environment is one of MACOGA’s fundamental priorities.

We believe environmental responsibility goes beyond regulatory compliance. We continually strive to meet and where practicable exceed strict safety, health and environmental performance targets and we are committed to continuous improvement in all aspects of our operations.

We are committed to ensuring that our facilities have as low an impact as possible on local people and the environment.

We recycle paper, plastic, packaging, batteries, etc. in our offices and all the waste generated during the production process receives its corresponding legally mandatory collection and recycling.

The dangerous toxic waste generated (oil, picklers, paint strippers, etc.) is treated in strict accordance with the Environmental Directives, 100% of our steel waste is recycled and reused in other areas of the industry, we have special zones designed to prevent certain production processes from emitting harmful and pollutant elements into the atmosphere (paint cabin and plasma cutting machinery with highly efficient purifying filters, X Ray bunker, etc.) and we have emergency plans for critical situation that imply possible environmental impact.