Specific Applications

Expansion Joints for Shipbuilding and Engines

Metal expansion joint - Shipbuilding and engines

MACOGA provides high-tech Expansion joints and customized solutions for any marine application.

Application areas

  • Exhaust receivers
  • Exhaust manifolds
  • Collecting mains
  • Bypass
  • Exhaust gas in front of turbo charger
  • Exhaust gas behind turbo charger
  • Turbocharger by-pass
  • Charge air
  • Gas pipes
  • LNG/LPG lines
  • Exhaust gas return and bypass pipes
  • Fuel lines
  • Generator sets exhaust lines
  • Scrubbers
  • Engine exhaust lines

Expansion Joints are used on the engine for absorbing engine vibrations and movements and thermal expansion.

Exhaust Expansion Joints

Nowadays, most large ships use internal combustion engines or gas turbines for propulsion.
These motors generate large amounts of vibration, and these vibrations must be controlled, or they may damage the engine and exhaust system.

Installing one or more metal expansion joints that dampens vibrations is the best way to avoid damage to the engine and exhaust system.

The design of the bellows must ensure that the natural frequency and any harmonics do not coincide with the frequencies of the exhaust system.

These Expansion Joints are generally externally insulated to prevent excess heat from radiating into the engine room.

Exhaust expansion joints must also be designed to absorb thermal expansion and contraction of pipe systems and the whole exhaust system.

For the best performance the Exhaust Gas Expansion Joints must:

  • 304H (UNS S30409)
  • 316H (UNS S31609)
  • 321H (UNS S32109)

MACOGA has over 40 years of experience designing and manufacturing expansion joints for marine applications that will provide years of trouble-free operation.

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Certifications & Type Approvals

MACOGA Expansion Joints are certified by the world’s leading classification authorities.

From design to final tests and shipping, all production phases are regulated in accordance with the requirements of the MACOGA’s Quality, Health, Safety and Environment management system.
MACOGA has type approved Expansion Joints available certified with:

We provide our customers safety and reliability through a certified quality management system.
Additionally, MACOGA holds numerous industry approvals, including:

Quality Certificates

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Premium Service

During an emergency (parts failure, etc.) you can’t afford to wait in line for a standard delivery to get your Expansion Joints on your ship.

This Premium tool is the most reliable and efficient solution for those customers who require Expansion Joints in a record time.

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MACOGA provides Expansion Joints to the top shipping companies and ship builders around the world.

MACOGA Site Staff of expert technicians provide needs-based and solution-oriented services for any specific need of each customer.

Our service group consists of highly qualified technicians and engineers specialized in Expansion Joints.

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Our list of references includes deliveries for a wide range of vessels from cruise liners and ferries to war ships and submarines; from LNG carriers and tankers to luxury superyachts.

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