Metal Expansion Joints


MACOGA Real-Time Data Acquisition System for Expansion Joints

A step forward in innovation

SENSORMAC is a cost-effective electronic data acquisition unit designed specifically by MACOGA engineers for the diagnostics of critical Metal Expansion Joints while in operation.

We provide a comprehensive data acquisition system consisting of special sensors and software, that together enable the real-time monitoring and collection of data from the Expansion Joint.

The system acquires and processes real-time critical operating data such as temperature, pressure and movements reducing failure risk and increasing safety and performance.

By means of a data acquisition system and various electronic sensors, SENSORMAC records the most important parameters for the operation of the expansion joint. All critical operating data can be viewed in real time and stored on an SD card or memory card for later analysis.


  • Internal temperature measurement
  • Digital internal pressure measurement
  • Digital pressure measurement between plies (in the 2 ply testable bellows)
  • Measurement of movements

Benefits of SENSORMAC

  • Provides a unique insight into critical operating parameters of the Expansion Joint.
  • Monitors the status of the expansion joint in real time.
  • The information gathered by data acquisition devices can then be used to make sure that Expansion Joint operates safely and performs efficiently.
  • Great versatility. They are available as all-in-one measurement systems that have multiple measurement modes capable of measuring multiple properties. They are also manufactured as single-use devices that can measure a single property.
  • Faster analysis and problem solving. With real-time data acquisition systems, measurements are made and displayed without delay. This helps technicians to intervene more quickly in case of problems and to carry out repairs or replacements.

SENSORMAC sensors are ATEX Certified with approvals for use in hazardous areas.