November 14, 2019

42” FCC Expansion Joint for Particulate Emissions Reduction Project for European Refinery

We have successfully designed, manufactured and tested a Universal Untied 42” FCCU Expansion Joint for Particulate Emissions Reduction Project in Europe.

The FCC (Fluid Catalytic Cracking) unit is used to transform diesel and other components from atmospheric distillation into lighter, higher quality products for final fuel processing.

The Refinery will invest 69 million euros in reducing CO2 and particle emissions to the atmosphere. According to the company, the objectives are the improvement of quality and energy and environmental efficiency in the processes of the refinery.

This air quality improvement project aims to reduce the emissions of particles into the atmosphere of the FCC unit, making technological improvements to the plant and adapting it to the latest existing European regulations.

Mechanical design, parameters and features of the FCC expansion joint supplied are:

  • Universal expansion joint – Pantograph Design
  • DN 1000 mm (42”) - Length: 3900 mm  
  • SB-443 N06625 LCF Inconel 625 LCF bellows – 2 ply testable – Sealed system SS309
  • SS304 Hardware
  • Design Pressure: 3.72 barg / Design Temperature: Bellows 535 °
  • Medium: Flue Gas