April 26, 2017

Acquisition of large vertical lathe

Acquisition of large vertical lathe
Project description:

The project involves the acquisition of a vertical lathe to produce metal and rubber Expansion Joints.

Objectives and results:
With the acquisition of this new machinery, aimed to manufacturing the same products that the company currently manufactures (metal and rubber expansion expansion joints), MACOGA will achieve a significant reduction in the machining times of flanges and other accessories incorporated to the expansion joints, reducing costs and increasing the competitiveness. This investment will improve the position of the company in international markets and give the possibility of entry into new markets.

With this new machinery, it is intended to drastically reduce the production times of the metal expansion joints with special flanges and of the production of rubber expansion compensators.

The results are valued per the increase in sales in different markets that are estimated in Galicia: before and after investment 2% / 2%, Spain: before and after investment 10% / 5% and Export before and after the investment 85% / 90%

For this investment, MACOGA has received the financial support of IGAPE, the Xunta de Galicia and the European Union.