July 11, 2024

Aluminum-Coated Expansion Joints for a Fertilizer Plant in Africa

Aluminum-Coated Expansion Joints for a Fertilizer Plant in Africa

Aluminizing is a process where a layer of aluminum is applied to the internal surfaces of the pipes. This treatment offers exceptional corrosion resistance, heat resistance, and increased durability, ensuring the longevity and reliability of the expansion joints.

We have recently manufactured expansion joints featuring this special internal treatment: aluminizing. 

These expansion joints, specifically designed and fabricated for a fertilizer plant in Africa have the following key features:


  • Round: from DN 2100 to DN 2500
  • Rectangular: 3960 x 11320 mm
  • Types: Rectangular, Universal untied and Single untied
  • Design Pressure: 1 barg
  • Design Temperature: +300 °C
  • Medium: corrosive gas           

At MACOGA, we pride ourselves on being specialists in custom-made and special expansion joints. We offer a comprehensive range of anti-corrosion treatments for both internal and external surfaces. Our expertise ensures that, in addition to selecting the appropriate material for your specific needs, we can also apply any anti-corrosion treatment requested by our clients.

More information https://www.macoga.com/en/expansion-joints-for-specific-applications/fertilizers