August 21, 2019

Double Gimbal and Pressure Balanced Expansion Joints for Europe's leading steel producer

We have designed, manufactured, tested and shipped several high-tech Double Gimbal, Pressure Balanced, Universal Restrained and single Hinged Expansion Joints for Europe's leading steel producer.

Double Gimbal: Designed to absorb lateral and angular movements in any direction. This model is made up of two bellows joined together by a linking pipe and a double cardan system.

A double gimbal expansion joint is basically a two single gimbal expansion joints and an intermediate pipe that joins them. This type of Expansion Joint can absorb a large lateral movement in any plane and angular movement in any direction.

Pressure Balanced: A pressure balanced expansion joint accommodates axial and lateral movements and counteracts the bellows pressure thrust. An additional bellows is incorporated into the unit and is subject to the line pressure to generate a force equal and opposite to that on the main bellows. Tying these bellows together neutralises the pressure load on the unit.

This particular type of Expansion Joint offers the additional advantage of not transferring the thrust caused by the internal pressure to the pipes or adjacent equipment. This characteristic is especially important when it comes to joining the pipes to turbines or other delicate equipment which, by their nature, are unable to withstand these extra loads.