March 15, 2024

Emergency FCCU Expansion Joint Replacements for European Refinery

Emergency FCCU Expansion Joint Replacements for European Refinery

In just 15 working days we have successfully engineered and produced 2 units of FCCU Expansion Joints for a prestigious European refinery.

Such swift and precise manufacturing is only achievable due to MACOGA's possession of the most advanced manufacturing facilities, cutting-edge equipment, and comprehensive material stock.

Our timely dispatch has relieved a substantial problem for our client, who encountered the formidable task of executing vital maintenance during a planned refinery shutdown.

This achievement was made possible solely through the diligent efforts of our FCC team and the collaboration of all departments involved.

Applicable Standards:

  • EJMA 10th Edition 2015
  • B31.3 Ed. 2016
  • ASME VIII Div.1 Ed.2019
  • ASME II Ed.2019
  • UOP Specifications

Main features of the Expansion Joints supplied:

  • Size: 1100 mm
  • Bellows SB-443 N06625/N06626 Gr1 - 2 ply bellows testable system
  • Pipes in ASTM A240 304H
  • Floating gimbal system
  • Hinged system in ASTM A240 304H (1.4948)
  • Internal insulation system
  • Design Pressure 3,43 barg
  • Test Pressure 3,86 barg
  • Medium Flue gas, catalyst fines
  • Temperature 704 °C / 538 °C bellows

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