June 25, 2019

Emergency Refurbishing of FCC Joint for European Refinery

An FCC In-Line Pressure Balanced Expansion have been revamped in a record time at MACOGA facilities during the refinery turnaround.

In only a few days, MACOGA team have performed a very successful revamping work on an In-Line Pressure Balanced Expansion DN1000 (39”) FCC Expansion Joint.

The main works consisted on:

  • Replacement of old bellows and installation of complete set of new bellows with the same dimensions and features of the existing ones. Material of these bellows ASTM B443 Inconel 625 LCF.
  • Complete set of internal insulation (Super Wool Blanket) and sealing system.
  • Replacement of damaged pipes.
  • Replacement of the external covers.
  • Change of balancing pipe.
  • X Ray and PT Testing on all new welds.
  • Pressure Test.