October 2, 2018

Expansion Joints for a MIDREX process Briquetted Iron company in South America

A large number of Single Untied, Hinged and Gimbal Expansion Joints, in sizes from DN600 up to DN2460 mm have been specially designed, manufactured, tested and shipped to briquetted iron company producer in South America.


The plant produces a densified form of direct reduced iron (DRI) called hot briquetted iron (HBI). HBI is a premium quality metallic iron product used as a feedstock in electric steelmaking, blast furnaces and other iron and steelmaking applications.


Midrex is direct reduction process using a shaft-reactor and is developed by Midrex/Kobe Steel. Iron ore pellets, lump iron ore or a combination of pellets and ore are reduced in a vertical shaft or reduction furnace to metallic iron by means of a reduction gas.