January 17, 2023

FCC Clamshell installation in Vietnam

FCC Clamshell installation in Vietnam

Our team makes a real difference in the field. MACOGA expert engineers and qualified technicians are trained and experienced to install any type of Expansion Joint.

On this occasion, a customer called us urgently to install a DN 2000 Clamshell on an FCC Expansion Joint critical to the operation of the unit. 

We manufactured and shipped the part in record time. Next, and in less than 48 hours, our team travelled to the refinery in Vietnam and installed the Clamshell. The FCC was back up and running until the next scheduled shutdown.

Minimizing downtime is the number one priority. We have the capacity to design and manufacture any Expansion Joint in a record time and we have always the best team of professionals ready to travel anywhere in the world.

Congratulations to whole team: Alberto Ordas, Stephan Fernandez, Salvador Fernandez, Alberto Vazquez and Francisco Rey.

Excellent work on this project. You really make a difference!