January 7, 2020

FCC Expansion Joint for European Refinery as per Exxon Mobil specifications.

Expansion joints used in FCCU service are exposed to high temperatures, high pressures, large movement conditions and very aggressive media and therefore they are considered highly engineered units and one of the most critical and complex types of expansion joints manufactured. 

This time we have designed, manufactured, tested and shipped a Universal Expansion Joint DN1700 (67”) that will be fitted in the refinery’s FCC Unit.

Main mechanical design, parameters and features of the expansion joint supplied are:

  • FCC Universal Expansion Joint
  • Standard EJMA 10th Edition
  • DN 1700 mm - Length: 2000 mm         
  • Double Bellows in SB-443 N06625 Gr.1 LCF, 2 ply testable.
  • Internal packing system
  • Acid Resistant cement type CR-2 or CR-3 (GOUDA Curon 128 S)
  • Design conditions: 0,12 bar at 343 °C
  • Medium: Flue Gas