March 22, 2022

FCC Expansion Joints for European Refinery

FCC Expansion Joints for European Refinery

MACOGA FCC Expansion Joints are engineered to meet the toughest FCC Reactor and Regenerator operating conditions and find application in Spent Catalyst, Regenerated, Catalyst, Recirculating Catalyst, Cooled Catalyst and Flue Gas Lines.

On this occasion we have successfully designed, manufactured, tested and delivered two high-tech FCC Expansion Joints for one of the largest Refineries in Europe.

Design and fabrication Codes

  • EJMA 
  • ASME Code
  • UOP Standards

Highlights of the project:

FCC Universal Pantograph 

  • Size 756 mm / Total length 3375 mm 
  • 2 ply testable bellows in SB443 N06625 LCF
  • Bellows Sealing system
  • Hexagonal Mesh SS 304H
  • Pipes SS 304H
  • Abrasion lining ATCHEM 85
  • Design pressure: 4.2 bar
  • Design temperature
    • Bellows 538 °C
    • Pipes: 343 ºC
    • MDMT: -29°C
    • Internal medium: 780 ºC

FCC Hinged expansion joint 

  • Size 1272 mm / Total length 2520 mm 
  • 2 ply testable bellows in SB443 N06625 LCF
  • Pipes SS 304H
  • Hinged system SS304H
  • Bellows Sealing system
  • Design temperature:
    • Bellows: +538 °C
    • Pipeline: +787 °C
    • Minimum: -10 °C
    • Internal medium: +780 °C
  • Design pressure: 3.8 bar
  • Medium: Flue Gas

We offer a full range of customized Expansion Joints for any process related to Fluid Catalytic Cracking and all our Expansion Joints combine the latest technologies with decades of industry experience.