September 28, 2020

FCC Expansion Joints for large European Refinery

FCC Expansion Joints for large European Refinery

We have successfully completed the design, manufacturing and testing of High-Tech FCC Expansion Joints for a large refinery located in the South of Europe.

Design Codes and Specifications:

  •     ExxonMobil specifications
  •     EJMA latest edition
  •     ASME Code
  •     Pressure Equipment Directive PED 97/23 / EC

Main mechanical design, parameters and features of the expansion joint supplied are:

Universal Unrestrained Expansion Joints

  • DN850 mm - Length: 2425 mm
  • Bellows in SB443 N06625 Gr.1/N06626
  • Bellows collars in SB443 N06625Gr.1/N06626, thickness 3 mm.
  • Equalizing rings in SA240 304
  • Design conditions
    • Design pressure: 7,1 kg/cm2
    • Pneumatic test pressure: 13,0 kg/cm2
    • Design temperature for bellows only: 579°C
    • Medium: Catalyst