November 6, 2018

FCC Reactor Riser Termination Expansion Joints for European Refinery

A single Untied FCC Reactor Riser Termination Expansion Joints have been designed and manufactured for a Central European Refinery.

Expansion Joint parameters

  • Type: Single Untied Hot Wall
  • Size: ND 1000
  • Installation length: 1800 mm
  • Bellows: Alloy 825
  • Sealed and Packed bellows system
  • Refractory lining Resco AA22S as per UOP specifications 
  • Hexagonal Mesh 410S, as per UOP specifications   
  • All pipes and rings are made of A387 Gr11 CL2 and have been PWHT (Post Weld Heat Treated) per ASME VIII UCS-56.   
  • Design Pressure: 0.14 barg
  • Bellows Design Temperature: 538 °C 
  • Medium: Catalyst
  • Axial movement: -25 / +50 mm
  • Lateral movement: ±13 mm in all plane