February 20, 2024

FCC Stripper Overhead Expansion Joint for European Refinery

FCC Stripper Overhead Expansion Joint for European Refinery

In modern refineries, the FCC unit plays a crucial role by converting Gas Oil into lighter hydrocarbons necessary for premium transportation fuels, serving as the central component of the process.

Due to the critical nature of the process and its fundamental role in refinery operations, it is imperative that the expansion joints exhibit utmost reliability to ensure safe performance under the rigorous conditions inherent in the FCC process.

MACOGA is the global leader in the design and manufacturing of Expansion Joints for Fluid Catalytic Cracking Units. On this occasion, we have successfully manufactured an FCC Stripper Overhead Expansion Joint for a European Refinery with the following key features:

  • FCC Stripper overhead
  • N.D. 700 mm (28”) - Length: 2350 mm 
  • Bellows SB-443 N06625/N06626 Gr1 (ATI 625 HP)
  • 2 ply testable / Leak Detection System
  • Internal & External Insulation 
  • Abrasion lining ATCHEM 85
  • Design Pressure: 4.5 barg
  • Bellows Design Temperature: 582 °C
  • Medium: FCC catalyst / flue gas

More information:  https://www.macoga.com/en/expansion-joints-for-specific-applications/fcc-expansion-joints/intro-fcc-expansion-joints