January 11, 2024

FCCU Expansion Joint for Far East Refinery

FCCU Expansion Joint for Far East Refinery

We have successfully supplied a cutting-edge Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit (FCCU) Expansion Joint for a large refinery in the Far East.

This groundbreaking FCCU Expansion Joint boasts state-of-the-art features that exemplify MACOGA's commitment to innovation and quality. 

Key features of the expansion joint include:

Alloy 625 2-Ply Testable Bellows: The expansion joint is equipped with alloy 625 2-ply testable bellows, ensuring durability and reliability even in the most demanding FCCU environments.

Internal and External Insulation Package: MACOGA has incorporated an advanced internal and external insulation package, enhancing thermal efficiency and contributing to the overall safety and performance of the Expansion Joint.

Internal Sealing System: The expansion joint incorporates internal sealing system.

Flue Gas Compatibility: Engineered to handle flue gas, the expansion joint is tailored to efficiently manage the unique challenges posed by the refinery's processes.

Design Temperature of +538°C and Pressure of 3.52 barg

This successful project marks another milestone in the company's history of delivering cutting-edge engineering solutions to the global petrochemical industry.

MACOGA continues to set the standard for quality and reliability in the industry, and this latest achievement further establishes the company's reputation as the preferred partner for critical fluid handling solutions.

More information https://www.macoga.com/en/expansion-joints-for-specific-applications/fcc-expansion-joints/intro-fcc-expansion-joints