April 26, 2017

Flange and Flued Expansion Joints for Pressure Vessels Manufacturer

Flange and Flued Expansion Joints for Pressure Vessels Manufacturer

Flanged and Flued expansion joints are made in two halves from flat annular plates. The outside edges of the plates are formed in one direction (flanged), and the inside edges are formed in the other direction (flued). The two halves are welded together and then welded into the heat exchanger shell. Because of the higher wall thickness, this type of expansion joint is rugged and the most durable from the standpoint of abuse, but it has the disadvantage of limited flexibility.

MACOGA MFF Expansion Joints are designed as per ASME VIII-1 mandatory Appendix 5 guidelines for the design of flanged and flued expansion joints and ASME Appendix 26 and EJMA that provide methods of calculating the stresses, fatigue life and spring rate.

This time we have successfully designed, manufactured, tested and shipped a large Flange and Flued Expansion Joint for a Pressure Vessels Manufacturer in The Netherlands.

Main mechanical design and constructive parameters and features are:

Design Codes:

  • EJMA (Expansion Joints Manufacturers Association) Standards
  • EN14917 European Standard for Metal Expansion Joints
  • ASME VIII, Div. I, App. 26,

Heat Treated acc. BPVC DIV VIII

ID = 1800 mm

OD = 2070 mm

Design & Operating Conditions:

Design Pressure = 6 bar

Design Temperature = 370 °C