June 28, 2024

Flange & Flued Expansion Joints for Heat Exchangers

Flange & Flued Expansion Joints for Heat Exchangers

This time we have successfully designed, manufactured, and tested a new set of Flange & Flued Expansion Joints specifically for Heat Exchangers.

Flanged and Flued expansion joints are made in two halves from flat annular plates. The outside edges of the plates are formed in one direction (flanged), and the inside edges are formed in the other direction (flued). The two halves are welded together and then welded into the heat exchanger shell.

In heat exchangers, inner tubes and shells frequently do not expand at the same rate due to differences in the materials used, varying temperatures, and other factors. If the heat exchanger is not prepared to control this longitudinal thermal expansion, pressure and dimensional changes in the tubes or shell can cause significant damage to the unit.

Key features of the supplied expansion joints:

  • Size: 1800 mm
  • Type: Flange & Flued
  • Design Pressure: 6.0 barg/FV
  • Design Temperature: +370 °C

These units have undergone a comprehensive quality and testing program to ensure they meet the highest standards. The testing and requirements include:

  • Material certificates according to EN 10204-3.1
  • VT - Visual inspection of welds according to ASME V
  • 100% Dimensional control
  • 100% MT - Magnetic particles test on all welds
  • 100% RT - Radiographic test on all welds
  • Hydrostatic pressure test 
  • PWHT 

MACOGA MFF Expansion Joints are designed as per ASME VIII-1 mandatory Appendix 5 guidelines for the design of flanged and flued expansion joints and ASME Appendix 26 and EJMA that provide methods of calculating the stresses, fatigue life and spring rate.

More information https://www.macoga.com/en/metal-expansion-joints/flanged-and-flued