October 5, 2020

High Pressure Expansion Joints for Fertilizers producer in North Africa

A set of two MRR Series DN1500 high pressure Expansion Joints have been successfully designed, manufactured and tested for one of the largest integrated nitrogen fertilizer producers in North Africa.

Design Codes and Specifications:

  • EJMA latest edition
  • ASME Code
  • Pressure Equipment Directive PED 97/23 / EC

Main mechanical design parameters and features of the expansion joints supplied are:

  • Type: Single Unrestrained MRR Series
  • Size: 1570 (61,81”) OD
  • Design pressure: 42.0 BARg/F.V.(609.1 PSIg/F.V.)
  • Test pressure: 76.22 BARg (1105.5 PSIg)
  • Design temperature for bellows only: 260 °C (500 °F)
  • Medium: Gas