November 26, 2019

High Pressure MAC-F2 Rubber Expansion Joints for Rabigh–Jeddah/Makkah Water Transmission System in Saudi Arabia

The Rabigh – Jeddah/Makkah Al-Mokarramah Water Transmission System is one of the largest transport systems for drinking water. 

A total about 450-kilometer pipeline would be constructed for the project with diameters of pipe varying from 10 inches to 80 inches.

This time we have designed, manufactured and tested a very large number of high-quality custom made double arch unrestrained expansion joints consisting of a EPDM Drinking Water rubber bellow incorporating full face rubber flanges and metal backing flanges.

A Rubber Expansion Joint is flexible connector fabricated of natural or synthetic elastomers, fluoroplastics and fabrics and, if necessary, metallic reinforcements used to absorb movements in a piping system while containing pressure and a medium running through it.

MACOGA rubber expansion joints are designed following the guidelines of the FSA (Fluid Sealing Association) Non-Metallic Expansion Joints Technical Handbook, ASTM F1123 - 87 Standard Specification for Non-Metallic Expansion Joints and always complying with the European Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/UE for the specified operating conditions.