March 6, 2018

High Pressure MRR Expansion Joints for Heat Exchangers

We have successfully manufactured 3 units very special MRR Series High-pressure Expansion Joints for one of the leading manufacturers of reactors, pressure vessels and heat exchangers for the onshore/offshore oil and gas industry worldwide. Final client is SABIC in Saudi Arabia.

The Expansion Joints of 2300 mm nominal bore are designed for 758.54 PSIg (52,3 barg) pressure and hydraulically tested at 1080.53 PSIg (74,5 barg). 

Code: ASME BPVC.VIII.1-2015 & EJMA 10th edition
The expansion bellow will be used for a pressure vessel according to ASME BPVC.VIII.1-2015. “U” Code Stamp 
Size: 2300 mm 
Design Pressure: 758.54 PSIg (52,3 barg)
Test Pressure: 1080.53 PSIg (74,5 barg)
Operating Temperature: 255 °C
Bellows material: Alloy 625 Gr. 1

The MRR model is used in cases of high internal pressure. The system involves the use of reinforcement or equalizing rings located around the outside of the convolution thus preventing the bellows being forced out of shape due to the high pressures. Equalizing and Reinforcing Rings are devices used on some expansion joints fitting snugly in the roots of the convolutions. The primary purpose of these devices is to reinforce the bellows against internal pressure and equalize the movement among all the corrugations.