October 5, 2020

High-Tech Externally Pressurized In-line Pressure Balanced Expansion Joints for Oil Terminal in the Middle East

A highly engineered Externally Pressurized In-line Pressure Balanced Expansion Joint have been successfully designed, manufactured and tested for a marine oil terminal in the Middle East.

Externally Pressurized Expansion Joints are designed such that fluid pressure acts on the outside of the bellows. This model is mainly used in cases of high pressure and large amounts of axial compression and extension. When under external pressure, the bellows will retain its shape and can be manufactured in almost any length.

A pressure balanced expansion joint accommodates axial and lateral movements and counteracts the bellows pressure thrust. An additional bellows is incorporated into the unit and is subject to the line pressure to generate a force equal and opposite to that on the main bellows. Tying these bellows together neutralises the pressure load on the unit.

The only loads on the equipment are the sum of the forces required to move the line bellows and balancing bellows of the expansion joint.

Design Codes and Expansion Joint specifications:

  • EJMA latest edition
  • ASME Code
  • Pressure Equipment Directive PED 97/23 / EC
  • Type: Externally Pressurized In-line Pressure Balanced
  • Size: 762 mm (30”) OD
  • Design pressure: 16.0 barg (232 psig)
  • Test pressure: 24 barg (348 psig)
  • Medium: High Speed Diesel