August 30, 2018

Honeywell UOP selected MACOGA Expansion Joints for New Petrochemical Plant in Texas

We have completed the detailed engineering, manufacturing, testing and shipping of a large number of high-tech expansion joints (Universal Tied, Double Hinged, Double Gimbal and 
Externally Pressurized) for a new Honeywell UOP modular CCR™ (Continuous Catalyst Regeneration) unit for a Petrochemical Plant in Texas, USA.

The UOP’s C4 Oleflex™ technology will produce 425,000 metric tons per year of isobutylene, which is used to make high-octane fuel and high-performance synthetic rubbers and acrylics.

The Expansion Joints incorporate the bellows in Alloy 800H and pipes and accessories in stainless steel 316H and 304H. 

This new project is added to the portfolio that MACOGA has successfully completed for Honeywell UOP’s Continuous Catalyst Regeneration units like:

Project: PETROBRAS RPBC Refinery Pres. Bernardes-Cubato 
Project location: Brasil

Project: PETROBRAS Paulina Refinery, Sao Paulo 
Project Location: BRASIL

Project: Oleflex CCR Takreer
Project Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE