June 30, 2020

Large size Expansion Joints for Jaguatirica II Power Plant in Brazil

The plant site is located approximately 23 km north of the town of Boa Vista, State of Roraima and 770 km from Manaus, State of Amazonas. This Complex is in the northern portion of the Brazilian Highlands, region of the Amazonas.

The Jaguatirica II Project basically consists in the Power Plant with 120 MW capacity which has the 2 x 1 configuration (two (2) Gas Turbine GT11/GT12, two (2) Heat Recovery Steam Generator – HRSG11/HRSG12, one (1) Steam Turbine ST18, one (1) Air Cooler Condenser.

For this power project we have designed, manufactured, tested and shipped the following Expansion Joints:

  • One Turbine to Condenser In-Line Pressure Balanced MPB-I DN 3200 (126”) and 2800 mm long.
  • Two Universal Tied MWL Series DN 2200 (86”) and 4500 mm long.
  • Two Hinged MWP Series DN 2200 mm and 1100 mm long.