March 22, 2022

Large size Lens Expansion Joints for Fertilizers Plant

Large size Lens Expansion Joints for Fertilizers Plant

Fertilizer production challenges engineers when it comes to high pressures, temperatures, and corrosion resistance. The specific environment requires special (custom) designs and high-quality corrosion resistant materials. MACOGA is the specialist in this field and has developed a wide range of Expansion Joints that are being successfully used in the fertilizer production process.

On this occasion we have manufactured Lens Type Expansion Joints for a Fertilizers Plant with the following features:

  • Type: Lens
  • Size DN 3500
  • Material A/SA516 Gr.70 MT 
  • Temperature 450°C
  • Medium: Gas

MACOGA has been supplying Expansion Joints for fertilizer plants for more than 40 years and is now one of the world’s leading suppliers in this sector.

We offer a full range of customized Expansion Joints for any process related to fertilizers production and all of our Expansion Joints combine the latest technologies with decades of industry experience.