April 10, 2019

MAC-FT Rubber Expansion Joints for Power Plant in North Africa

A large number of MAC-FT Series Rubber Expansion Joints from DN 1600 mm (65”) and DN 2400 mm (94.5 have been successfully designed, manufactured, tested and shipped for the biggest and most efficient thermal plant in the area.

The high quality custom-made expansion joints were supplied with fixed steel backing flanges, gussets and tie rods. The full-face flanges are integral with the body of the joint and drilled to conform the bolt pattern of the companion flanges of the pipe line.

The main design and construction details of these unit are:

  • Medium: River water
  • Design Pressure: 4.5 barg / FV
  • Test Pressure: 6,75 barg
  • Design Temperature: 120 °C
  • Axial movement: - 40/+30 mm
  • Lateral movement: 30 mm
  • Angular movement: 0.5 deg
  • Bellows: EPDM HT

The rubber bellows have been manufactured from high quality reinforced EPDM HT. Our Special EPDM HT rubber compound is suitable for high temperature up to 140 °C applications without hardening. Weather-resistant, good gas tightness, resistant to attack by oxygen, U.V., ozone and extreme weather environments.