April 13, 2018

MACOGA conducts emergency repair preventing refinery shutdown

On Friday evening, one of our clients, a large north European refinery contacted MACOGA reporting a critical failure in one of their FCCU Expansion Joints.

The situation was so critical that it was endangering the operation of the entire plant.

After studying all the options in detail, it was decided to bring the damaged units to our facilities to carry out an emergency revamping.

The expansion joints were transported directly from the refinery in a special truck and traveled throughout the weekend to reach MACOGA on Monday morning.

As soon as the units arrived at our factory, our team started to work.

The damaged units were completely dismantled, and presented signs of extreme and severe deterioration.

All traces of solidified fluid had to be removed.
Immediately two new bellows units were manufactured in Alloy 625, new inner sleeves in stainless steel and a new sealing system was installed, consisting of sealing rope in AISI 309, sealing clips in AISI 309 and a special blanket insulation.

The new units were fully completed on Tuesday afternoon, that is, 48 hours after arriving at MACOGA and fully tested and approved on Wednesday departing to the refinery the next day.

A seven-person crew consisting of project managers, engineers and qualified and experienced welders working 24/7 in two shifts, accomplished the total project in just under 3 days.
The short time frame was possible because of MACOGA’s capability to combine engineering, manufacturing and service.