June 8, 2012

MACOGA managed record-breaking air freight move

Heaviest cargo of Expansion Joint ever shipped by Air requires chartering Boeing 747F, the Jumbo Freighter. The extraordinary flight carrying a weight over 55 Tons (110,000 pound) is considered to be one of the heaviest shipments of Expansion Joints ever transported via air freight. A number of eight Hinged and Lateral Tied Expansion Joints of 2100 mm (82”) diameter and with a length of 660 and 9500 mm respectively have been designed and manufactured in an amazing record time of 10 days under MACOGA PREMIUM SERVICE. This cargo required chartering a complete Boeing 747F, the Jumbo Freighter and flew from Madrid Airport (MAD) directly to Monterrey (MTY) in Mexico. The shipment, consisting on 18 oversized parts with a total weight of 55 Tons, tested the capabilities of the aircraft and staff to the full. “Carrying this oversized cargo of a weight 55 Tons was very challenging” said Andreas Mattick, Managing Director of Rock-it Cargo GmbH. “The highest level of care and precision planning was required by ground-handling operations at both airports. The weight had to be spread along the aircraft’s structure and the shape of the cases was such that they could potentially have moved during the flight so we had to ensure there was sufficient restraint in every direction.” For more information please go to the DOWNLOADS Section.