July 8, 2019

MACOGA On-Site Team provides outstanding FCC Expansion Joints inspection and installation

MACOGA offers its customers in the oil and gas, refinery and petrochemical industries a complete field service package.

We provide a professional variety of site services including installation, supervision of installation and inspection that minimize risks of unplanned shut- downs and help to avoid failures and breakdowns.

This time our team has successfully completed the installation of nine units FCC Expansion Joints for one of the most important refineries in Europe.

During the 2019 turnaround, one of our FCC specialists engineer along with four of our best welders have worked tirelessly for three weeks to successfully complete the assembly of nine high-tech FCC expansion joints.

All assembled units have been manufactured and delivered by MACOGA to the refinery well before the turnaround.

The installed FCC Expansion Joints have been the following:

  • 1 unit Spent Regenerated Standpipe Expansion Joint
  • 1 unit Reactor Standpipe Expansion Joint
  • 1 unit Spent Catalyst Standpipe
  • 1 unit Regenerated Catalyst Standpipe
  • 2 units Hinged Expansion Joint Cold Wall
  • 2 units Flue Gas Double Gimbal Cold Wall
  • 1 unit Hinged Expansion Joint Cold Wall

Our site team is trained and consists of qualified welders, technicians and engineers who worked in plants and refineries worldwide. Thanks to our many years of experience in manufacturing and installing FCCU Expansion Joints we know what matters.

If you need help with your FCC Expansion Joints when planning and executing a shutdown or plant turnaround, call or e-mail us with your requirements, and our team will offer solutions and further guidance.