September 13, 2018

MACOGA On-Site team provides supervising services in Egypt

This time our engineers travelled to Egypt to provide our customer with an inspection that guarantee the correct procedures are being carried out after completing the assembly and/or erection works.

MACOGA delivered to the Assiut and West Damietta power plants in Egypt a large number of Lateral, Hinged and Gimbal Expansion Joints DN 3300 and 2 units Dog Bone 6870 x 5765 Expansion Joints.

Assiut and West Damietta power plants have been completed in record timing. Both power plants are currently operational and have a combined capacity of 1,500 MW. Converting them into combined cycle is expected to increase capacity by approximately 50% with no additional fuel intake.

The life of the expansion joints varies with the design, storage conditions, installation practices, application, and service. A proper installation of critical joints will ensure the reliable operation of the associated equipment and of the whole plant.