November 11, 2019

MACOGA provides Premium Service for Luxury Superyacht

As the most trusted in the business, we provide all shipyards and yacht owners the highest quality Expansion Joints and an unparalleled technical assistance.

This time we designed, manufactured, tested and shipped to 64 m superyacht a set of Viton MAC-F Series Expansion Joints. Due to an emergency at the shipyard we manufactured these units, including ABS certification in a record time of 4 days. 

Our Viton Expansion Joints have a good flame resistance, resistance to oxygen, ozone and natural weathering and they are good for high concentrated chemicals up to 150 °C, hydrocarbons, aliphatic, aromatic and chlorinated chemicals. Good resistance to acids and alkali’s including oxidants. Good resistance to chemicals, oils, combustibles and solvents.

In addition to luxury ships, MACOGA supplies Expansion Joints and provides technical assistance to countless clients in the naval sector, such as ships from different navies in the world, submarines, cruises, fishing boats, etc.