July 17, 2018

MACOGA provides professional On-site Assembly Service in Japan

We provide our clients expert assistance when and where it is required.

On this occasion, our On-Site Team traveled to Japan to assemble two expansion joints of 8.0 meters in diameter. These units are not transportable in one piece, so our specialists moved to the Moka plant in Japan to assemble the different sections of the Expansion Joint.

These huge expansion joints connect the SGT5-8000H Siemens gas turbines to the air-cooled condenser of the combined cycle power plant of Kobe Steel, Ltd. (KOBELCO) in Moka City, Tochigi Prefecture in Japan. Fuji Electric Co, Ltd., will be erecting the plant on a turnkey basis for the end customer KOBELCO at its site. The plant is located inland some 50 km west from the shore of the Pacific Ocean.

The Moka Plant produces rolled aluminum products for use in airplanes, Shinkansen trains, beverage cans, hard disk drives, automobiles and other applications.

For those Expansion Joints that due to its size are not transportable in one piece, we offer our customers the Assembly Package. This package includes the Supervising Package plus a team of Qualified (ASME, EN) and trained welders and operators that carry out the works to weld and assemble all the individual parts and accessories of the Expansion Joints into one complete unit ready to be welded to the site ducts or equipment.