April 30, 2024

New Bureau Veritas Type Approval Certificate

New Bureau Veritas Type Approval Certificate

We are pleased to announce that we have achieved yet another milestone in our commitment to quality and excellence. We have obtained a new Type Approval from Bureau Veritas, a testament to our dedication to providing top-notch products to our valued customers.

This time, our certification extends to two of our product lines: U Shaped Bellows and MRU Series Expansion Joints.

Bureau Veritas (BV), a respected authority in classification and inspection within the shipping and marine construction sector, has granted type approval certificates for several series of expansion joints manufactured by MACOGA. These certificates validate compliance with BV's stringent requirements for shipbuilding and offshore applications, ensuring the reliability and suitability of our expansion joint offerings for these critical industries.

More information about our Expansion Joints for the marine sector: https://www.macoga.com/en/expansion-joints-for-specific-applications/shipbuilding