June 10, 2024

New On-Site Services Brochure

New On-Site Services Brochure

We are excited to announce that our new on-site catalogue is now available for download on our website. You can access it at https://www.macoga.com/en/on-site or directly download the PDF version at https://www.macoga.com/documents/en/on-site-services.pdf.

Explore everything our on-site specialists can do:

From the simplest inspection to the most complex assembly or repair in operation, we understand the importance of being there when our customer needs us. Our field service team of skilled engineers and experienced technicians offers a full range of solutions. These include planned preventive, corrective, and emergency repair activities. We also offer refurbishment, installation, and supervision services.

  • Immediate response to site needs
  • On-site technical support
  • Preventive pre-shutdown inspections
  • Detailed technical inspections
  • Professional reporting
  • Expert recommendations
  • Supervision of work
  • Installation guidance
  • Maintenance and refurbishment
  • Problem resolution
  • Quick-turn Expansion Joint replacement
  • Installation of Expansion Joints
  • Clamshell fabrication and installation

At MACOGA, we pride ourselves on having the best professionals and highly skilled specialists, with hundreds of successful on-site interventions over many years.