December 5, 2018

On-Site installation check of MACOGA Expansion Joints in a Honeywell UOP modular CCR™ (continuous catalyst regeneration) unit

Expert assistance when and where you need it.

This time, our engineers provided UOP and the construction company with an exhaustive inspection and check of the installation of the Expansion Joints supplied for a new Honeywell UOP modular CCR™ (Continuous Catalyst Regeneration) unit for a Petrochemical Plant in Texas, USA.

Qualified and trained Engineers are available for guidance and instruction during assembly and/or installation process (by others) of our Expansion Joints and site inspections to evaluate the condition of the Expansion Joints.

We offer pre-instruction and guidance for starting assembly and periodical inspections that guarantee the correct procedures are being carried out.

The life of the expansion joints varies with the design, storage conditions, installation practices, application, and service. Appropriately timed inspections, repairs, and/or replacement of critical joints will ensure the reliable operation of the associated equipment and of the whole plant.