November 13, 2019

On-Site Service at a Petrochemical Plant in the north of Europe

One of the largest Petrochemical Companies in the north of Europe awarded MACOGA the replacement of the bellows in Double Gimbal expansion joint that was over 10 years in successful operation. Our On-Site Team moved to a workshop near the plant to perform the operations with more safety and speed.

The bellows made in Alloy C276 were supplied with external reinforcing rings.

  • Size: 1100 mm (42”)
  • Design Pressure: 20.0 barg (290 psig)
  • Test pressure: 42.76 barg (620 psig)
  • Temperature: +527 °C (980 °F)

MACOGA offers its customers in the oil and gas, refinery and petrochemical industries a complete field service package.

We provide a professional variety of site services including assembly, supervision of installation and inspection that minimize risks of unplanned shut- downs and help to avoid failures and breakdowns.