May 30, 2017

On-Site Service – Emergency repair in a refinery

In a record time, MACOGA has successfully completed the manufacturing and installation of a universal oversize clamshell expansion joint.

The clamshell Expansion Joint DN-765 mm diameter was made from Alloy 625 Gr. 1 (UNS6625) plate and designed, fabricated and shop tested in only four hours. The MACOGA On-Site Team, consisting of highly-qualified technicians and engineers specialized in expansion joints, moved to the refinery and completed the installation.

If a bellows is leaking or damaged, or if a bellows must be changed with a target to having the minimum down time, this is where a clamshell should be considered.

MACOGA Clamshell bellows is the best solution when a quick and unexpected replacement of the bellow is necessary. Clamshell bellows is a two-piece bellow which is welded around the existing unit.