December 12, 2018

Premium Service. Delivery of 2 units DN 4000 Dog Bone Expansion Joints to Saudi Arabian Power Plant in only 4 days

MACOGA Premium service tool is the most reliable and efficient solution for those customers who require Expansion Joints in a record time.

This time a Saudi Arabian Power Plant owned by Saudi Electricity Company (SEC), Engie and Saudi Aramco Power Holding Company was in an urgent need of two units Dog Bone Expansion Joints DN4000. In only 4 days the 2 units were manufactured and shipped by air directly to the plant in Saudi Arabia.

Only MACOGA has the productive capacity necessary to manufacture and deliver a reinforced EPDM dog bone in such a short period.

The Dog Bone Type Expansion Joint is used as flexible connection between Turbines and Condensers. This turbine exhaust expansion joint is used as a flexible connection in power plants and it is the most widely used turbine to condenser expansion joint in use.

MACOGA provides the highest Quality Dog-Bone Type Expansion Joints.