October 4, 2020

Pressure Balanced Expansion Joint for Concentrated Solar Plant in Europe

Concentrated-solar technology systems use mirrors or lenses with tracking systems to focus a large area of sunlight onto a small area. The concentrated light is then used as heat or as a heat source for a conventional power plant. The solar concentrators used in CSP systems can often also be used to provide industrial process heating or cooling, such as in solar air conditioning.

The sun radiation is the main energy resource of our planet, and several technologies are currently available to exploit it, among them the Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) is very important.

This project will be yet another plant to add to the MACOGA’s portfolio of green energy and efficient solar power plants.

Design Codes and Specifications of the Expansion Joints supplied:

  • EJMA latest edition
  • ASME Code
  • Pressure Equipment Directive PED 97/23 / EC

Mechanical design, parameters and features of the expansion joint supplied:

Type: Elbow Pressure Balanced MPB-E

  • Size: 1200 mm
  • Design Pressure: 0,5 barg
  • Temperature: +120 °C

Type: Universal Tied MWL

  • Size: 600 mm
  • Design Pressure: 0,5 barg
  • Temperature: +120 °C