October 29, 2018

Rectangular Expansion Joints for the Cairo West and Assiut Supercritical Power Plants, Egypt

A large number of MACOGA MRU Rectangular Expansion Joints have been successfully designed, manufactured and tested in for the Cairo West and Assiut Supercritical Power Plants in Egypt.

The enormous and exceptional dimensions of these pieces, from 2200 x 2200 the smallest to 14236 x 6898 mm the largest, make them not transportable in a single piece, so they have been divided into sections that optimize the size of the crates making transport to the plant in Egypt feasible.

The two stations are part of the government's plan to boost the country's power generation and ensure electricity supply meets growing demands.

Each power block is comprised of a supercritical pressure boiler and a 650 MW sub-critical turbine generator unit that uses natural gas and/or heavy fuel oil.

The West Cairo station is expected to come into operation in December 2019 while the Assiut station will be operational a month later, in January 2020.