November 28, 2016

Rectangular Expansion Joints - Premium Service for PETROPERU

MACOGA Premium Service is the most reliable and efficient solution for those customers who require Expansion Joints in a record time.

During an emergency (plant shut-down, parts failure, etc.) you can’t afford to wait in line for a standard delivery to get your Expansion Joints.

MACOGA has delivered to Petroperu, Talara Refinery Modernization Project, in a record time very large size Rectangular Expansion Joints MRW Series in sizes from 2200 x 1760 up to 5100 x 2000 and 4000 x 1300.

The Talara Refinery Modernization Project includes expansion of an existing topping unit from 63,000 bpd to 90,000 bpd, and revamping vacuum 1 unit from the existing capacity of 28,000 bpd to 46,000 bpd. It also involves expansion of the catalytic reformer unit, which will include replacing the gas compressor and the partial burn regenerator to enhance the production from 19,000 bpd to 23,000 bpd.