October 28, 2019

Refractory Lined Expansion Joint for Severestal Cherepovets Steel Mill, Russia

In Russia Severstal is the prime high-quality supplier of flats, longs and steel pipes for the construction, automotive, machinery, and oil & gas industries.

This time MACOGA supplied a high-tech Refractory Lined Universal United Expansion Joint MFD DN-2630 (104”) for blast furnace gas at 300 °C (572 °F) / 3 barg 43.5 psi).

Severstal Russian Steel is a leading Russian steel producer, with a broad product mix, self-sufficiency in raw materials and an extensive distribution network. Focused on high value-added flat steel products and the production of long products for construction and downstream sales.

Located in north-west Russia, the division’s steel operations enjoy convenient rail access to the Company’s mining operations and low-cost direct river access to the Baltic ports, as well as being well positioned to serve the industrial hubs around Saint-Petersburg and Moscow.