January 30, 2017

Successful emergency repair at a Refinery

Successful emergency repair at a Refinery
Successful emergency repair at a Refinery
MACOGA’s continued ability to quickly respond to a customer crisis once again proved successful for one the largest refineries in Europe. MACOGA’s emergency repair service not only resulted in a tremendous monetary savings for the customer it prevented a potentially critical emergency shut-down of all the plant.

On a Saturday evening MACOGA received the information of a sudden explosion in the blow down line at the refinery.  The explosion caused severe damage to the line settings and seriously jeopardized the operation of the entire system.

One of our product engineer was immediately moved to the plant to assess the pipeline damage then develop and implement a solution. 

The client and MACOGA decided to install a clamshell unit at the earliest. The clamshell, with four bellows of 1600 mm diameter and a total length of 4760 mm was manufactured in a record time. 

In an emergency like this MACOGA implemented all its mechanisms and within a short time, the clamshell unit was manufactured and sent to the refinery along with our on-site team. 

Having MACOGA team onsite was a definite advantage for improving reaction time by a significant margin.  

MACOGA’s ability to provide quick turnaround emergency service resulted in a significant cost savings for the customer. Without this service, this refinery would have been forced to shut down. Excellent customer relations are the foundation of our success. Particularly with this client the relationship is a true partnership. Our team is proud of this relationship and we look forward to continuing to help all our customers be successful.