April 22, 2019

Successful On-Site Emergency Repair. Same size Clamshell FCC Internal Reactor Expansion Joint.

In a record time, MACOGA has successfully completed the manufacturing and installation of 2 same size clamshell bellows expansion joint.

The clamshell Expansion Joint DN-1812 mm diameter was made from Alloy 825 (2.4858) UNS N08825 plate and designed, fabricated and shop tested in only 48 hours. The MACOGA On-Site Team, consisting of highly-qualified technicians and engineers specialized in expansion joints, moved to the refinery in the north of Europe and completed the installation. 

If a bellows is leaking or damaged, or if a bellows must be changed with a target to having the minimum down time, this is where a clamshell should be considered. 

MACOGA Clamshell bellows is the best solution when a quick and unexpected replacement of the bellow is necessary. Clamshell bellows is a two-piece bellow which is welded around the existing unit. 

To ensure your refinery stays up and running at all times, MACOGA offers on-site emergency repair and maintenance support – when and where you need us. 

Our experienced, highly skilled team is ready to respond quickly. When an emergency strikes, you need a team you can trust, who has been through these types of situations before, and most importantly, gets the job done. MACOGA has the track record, the team members and resources to mitigate your emergency and help you return to full manufacturing capacity in the shortest possible time.