January 17, 2024

Type Approved Rectangular Expansion Joints for FSRU Floating Storage Regasification Unit

Type Approved Rectangular Expansion Joints for FSRU Floating Storage Regasification Unit

MACOGA provides high-tech Expansion joints and customized solutions for any marine application, including oil tankers, warships, cargo vessels, gas carriers, ferries, ocean liners, etc. 

This time we have designed and manufactured a very special Expansion Joints for a large FSRU Floating Storage Regasification Unit.

These exceptional Expansion Joints, MRU series, are not only sizable but also boast the prestigious Type Approval certification from Bureau Veritas, a testament to their superior quality and compliance with marine and industry standards.

Highlights of the project:

  • MRU Series Rectangular Expansion Joints
  • Size 4190 x 1790 
  • Bellows and sleeves in SS304
  • Weld ends in S275JR
  • BV Type Approved
  • Advanced Review of Calculations
  • Material and welding consumables certificates
  • WPS, PQR and WQR
  • NDE Procedures & Operator Qualification
  • RT- Radiographic Examination
  • PT - Liquid Penetrant Examination
  • Pressure & Leak Detection Test
  • PMI - Positive Material Identification
  • Check Packing & Marking

The Type Approval certification from Bureau Veritas signifies that the Expansion Joints have undergone rigorous testing and have been deemed compliant with the highest quality and safety standards. This endorsement enhances MACOGA's reputation as a trusted provider of reliable and top-tier maritime solutions.

As the demand for FSRU, LNG and other gas tankers continues to grow globally, MACOGA's specialized Expansion Joints are poised to play a crucial role in ensuring the safe and efficient transportation of liquefied natural gas across the seas. MACOGA’s unwavering commitment to quality and performance sets a new standard for the industry, strengthening its position as a leader in maritime engineering.